We have an extensive library of the latest assessment tools and we are experienced in working with school teams in Newfoundland Labrador to help ensure that your child’s learning needs are being met.

We assess and diagnose:

  • ADHD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Learning Disabilities (SLD)

  • Intellectual Disabilities (ID)

  • Anxiety Disorders and OCD

  • Behavioral Disorders

Psychological assessment is covered by insurance companies. Check with your provider to determine the rate of coverage.

We offer competitive pricing on our services:

  • ADHD, Behavioral Disorders or Anxiety/OCD assessments:  $1200

  • Full comprehensive assessment (SLD and ID): $2500

  • Combination of the two types of assessment listed above: $3000 (save $700)

  • Autism assessment, including the ADOS 2:  $2500 to $3000 (depending on whether it involves OT and SLP assessments)