Assessment and Diagnosis

Our assessment library is equipped with tools to assess learning, psychological disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral disorders through the lifespan. In the case of student assessments, Mindful Matters employs a school liaison who will assist you in presenting testing results to the school team.

Autism Assessments ($1800-$2500)

Mindful Matters offers a team approach to assessing Autism using the ADOS 2 along with other clinical tools, such as cognitive assessment, SLP assessment, adaptive behavior assessment and OT assessment, as deemed necessary by the clinical team. Our assessments are generally complete within 6 to 8 weeks of initial.

referral. Ask us about our free screening for children and adults.

ADHD Assessments ($1200)

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder which can manifest across the lifespan in the form of distractibility, impulsivity, difficulty completing projects, forgetfulness and difficulty keeping track of one’s belongings. It can impact learning in school aged children, work productivity in adults and difficulties with social relationships for all ages. Our assessments are generally complete within 6 to 8 weeks of initial referral. Ask us about our free screening for ages 6 through adulthood.

Learning/ Psychoeducational Assessments ($2500)

We conduct psychoeducational assessments that look specifically at learning and cognitive processes that are important for academic achievement. The process includes intellectual assessment, academic assessment (reading, writing, and math), interviews, observations, and file reviews. These assessments may lead to a diagnosis such as a Specific Learning Disorder (Learning Disability) or an Intellectual Disability. The results from these assessments may be used to help inform supports at school and in the community.

Behavior Assessments ($1200)

Mindful Matters uses a variety of assessment tools to aid in identifying behavioral disorders in children and youth, such as the Behavior Assessment System for Children and the Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysist (BCBA) is available to consult on behavioral programming for both the home and school settings.

Psychological Assessments ($1200)

Mindful Matters uses a variety of tools to help assess psychological disorders in adults, for example, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which is the most widely used and researched clinical assessment tool used by mental health professionals.

Developmental Assessments ($2000)

A developmental assessment may be used to diagnose an Intellectual Disability (ID) in both children and adults. It consists primarily of an intellectual assessment along with an assessment of adaptive life skills. Individuals who present with an ID may be eligible for a disability tax credit.

Return to Work Readiness Skills ($1200)

Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety can effect an individual’s executive functioning skills which may impact on productivity in the workplace. We conduct assessments to help determine whether one’s cognitive functions are impaired by their diagnosed mental health issues.

Complex Assessments (price varies)

We conduct complex assessments when there are multiple questions about an individual’s learning/development, as well as significant behavioural, psychological or emotional concerns.